We are...
caring compassionate respectful

Our Values

These are at the heart of everything we do.


We act with care and kindness towards others. We pay attention to detail when fulfilling our roles.


We display concern and empathy towards others, dealing kindly with each individual. We are motivated to do all we can to relieve suffering.


We show respect towards others by considering and showing regard for their individual feelings, needs, preferences and rights. We believe that everyone is important and deserving of dignity.

Constantly Striving

We make continuous efforts to improve the quality and standards of our services including our own professional growth. We are receptive to feedback and suggestions from those we care for and their loved ones.

“The way the staff were helping, participating and caring was most impressive… whatever was needed, staff were there to help in such a way that the other participants were not disturbed at all.”

(Holiday Meal hosts)

"There is a culture of appreciation across the organisation and people feel appreciated for their efforts and hard work. Managers make sure that they thank people regularly and people are generally motivated by the way they are rewarded and recognised."

(2019 IIP Assessment Report)

"I would like to thank you for all your support, development and experience which I was able to gather during the time I was working in Schonfeld Square. I really enjoyed working with all the residents. I appreciate the help which I got from management, nurses and staff."

(A. G, staff member)